Talent Concept

"Talents" are the most important assets of Wise Group, as well as the capital that the most in need of value-added.


The Best Team Makes the Best Enterprise
The sustainable development and enduring success of Wise Group can not be achieved without constant efforts and self-innovation of every Wise employee who has future goals. Also, how far Wise can go relies on how much every member can fulfill their value.
Everyone who is committed, full of passion for the future, and strives for his dreams is our most valuable resource.
Therefore, the key to winning in the future lies in respecting talents and creating an open, free, passionate, and motivating environment for them. With an open, inclusive, honest, and respectful attitude and the employment philosophy of "character first" and "struggle to win", we stay committed to stressing the long-term value of talents and their reward growth.
Wise, together with talents, grows and achieves dreams.

Empower individuals for lifelong growth.


We should help members establish a growth-oriented mindset.
In this era full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, we should believe that every member is able to cope with changes, and respect and empower them. Only in this way can we better solve the complex problems of the times. And growth-orientated mindset is the first step to empower individuals. Don't race horses. We should help others grow, rather than imprisoning them by definition.
We believe that everything can be achieved through hard work;
We accept the difference of others and do our best to understand them;
We look beyond the horizon and stop obsessing over momentary gains and losses;
We are brave and open-minded to try new things and methods;
Growth will bring us infinite possibilities.

Grow Inside and Develop Outside


Growing inside means that we should waken our inner strength and stimulate the inner driving force to generate the desire for the future and growth, by which we guide our actions and keep doing every small thing with refinement. Also, we should grasp every opportunity for improvement and improve our core competitiveness to face unknown challenges.
Developing outside requires us to face the complex external environment and changing competitors with no fear and to directly connect with the market as well as upper- and lower-reach enterprises. In this way, we can achieve self-revolution and self-value in reality.


Holiday Benefits

Gifts or gratuities for every legal holiday;
Sweet gifts for babies whose parents are our employees;
Group trips for every regular employee;
And all kinds of afternoon tea, fruits, and snacks from time to time;
which will always surprise you!


Compensation and Benefits

Competitive salary in the industry
+ Bonus system closely related to performance
+ Partner promotion mechanism
+ Option bonuses, quarter and annual merit reviews, etc.
We will acknowledge your contribution with what you want.


Security Benefits

Five insurance and housing fund are included without doubt;
Let alone meal allowance, telephone allowance, and staff apartment;
In fact, we care about much more than that:
We will provide regular physical examinations, commercial insurance, and a relaxing and harmonious working atmosphere
in order to take care of your physical and mental health in all aspects.


Bonus Plus

In addition to the regular compensation and benefits, we also offer the following extra bonuses:
Wise Sports Fund for employees who love sports;
Wise Meihao Fund for employees whose families are faced with disasters or accidents;
Adult education allowance for employees who love learning and always hopes to develop themselves;
and etc....

Colorful activitie

partner promotion mechanism

an office over 5,000 square feet

integral and mutually beneficial team building