Zhoushan Group Building - A Happy Time for Seaview Barbecue and Leisure


No island is more artistic than Zhoushan. With the unexpected hot release of the movie, "Dongji Island" has become a place that many people aspire to. The story of the movie starts from the inhabited island in the east of China, at longitude 122.4 east and latitude 30.1 north. Crossing mountains and seas in the lyrics, the place where dreams begin. 4fb046cd-84fd-49ae-9807-91ffa3f11913.jpg

The lighthouse standing on the shore and the statue of Caibo Gong on the mountaintop, gazing into the distance, forever guide fishermen and wanderers back home. Zhoushan, as a beautiful coastal city, provides an excellent venue for our team building activities. We decided to go see the sea together, have barbecue together, and then enjoy the delicious food while playing cards in the homestay in Zhoushan, spending a joyful time together.

Early in the morning, we arrived at the seaside of Zhoushan, where the sea was crystal clear and the blue sky and white clouds merged with the blue sea, making it incredibly beautiful. We appreciate the sound of waves hitting the shore, feel the gentle caress of the sea breeze, and relax our bodies and minds. Everyone took photos to commemorate this beautiful moment. Everyone was chatting and laughing incessantly. The gentle breeze and warm sunshine make this moment particularly pleasant. We shared each other's stories and jokes, and laughter filled the entire beach.


At noon, we selected a locally renowned restaurant, and the delicious seafood made people relax both physically and mentally. After lunch, we entered the same self driving route as the "Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves" roundabout road, which is an 18 kilometer long tourist road facing the sea on one side and facing the sea on the other. We drove against the wind and climbed to the top of the mountain, overlooking the beautiful scenery of the island and experiencing the vast expanse of the road. At this time point, there were many tourists, and under the urging of the management personnel, we hastily took a group photo by the bridge on the highway, which is unforgettable.


During dinner time, we once again tasted delicious barbecue, as well as local specialties. Various flavors of dishes make people salivate, and while enjoying the delicious food, we savor the happy moments of the day. After dinner, we went to the booked homestay, where a spacious and comfortable environment greeted us. Everyone relaxes their body and mind while engaging in a relaxed and enjoyable card game. Playing cards in hand, laughing constantly, everyone challenges and cooperates with each other, creating a joyful atmosphere together.


The theme of our team building activity this time is leisure, hoping to bring everyone wholehearted relaxation and pleasure. There are not too many team activities that consume physical energy, but we still maintain the unity that a group should have. Everyone gets along harmoniously and cooperates together. As night gradually fell, we sat around the terrace of the homestay and enjoyed the night view of Zhoushan. A rare and pleasant weekend, spent with special friends, makes the time seem exceptionally special and worth remembering.