Tong Danxia Visits Wanshi Group to Conduct Special Research on Chain Stability, Relief and Enterprise Assistance


On the afternoon of May 10th, Tong Danxia, a member of the Standing Committee of the Yinzhou District Committee and Minister of Propaganda, went to Wanshi Group to conduct a special research on stabilizing the chain and helping enterprises. Pang Chaojing, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Panhuo Street, Shangguan Fuzu, Deputy Director of the Office, and Yang Xujiang, Chairman of Wanshi Group, accompanied the investigation.


In the sample management department, Tong Danxia has a detailed understanding of Wanshi Group's product layout, market dynamics, supply chain control, and other situations. Group Chairman Yang Xujiang and Vice President Chao Lin elaborated on the industry status and company development from multiple fields such as front-end production, intermediate logistics, and terminal sales.


Tong Danxia fully affirmed the development achievements of Wanshi Group after its entry into Panhuo Street, and praised the group's decision-making team's layout in enterprise management and team development. She inquired in detail about the problems and difficulties faced by the enterprise in the current normalization of epidemic prevention and control.


Tong Danxia pointed out that the uncertain external environment is the most critical test of a company's management ability, and the key to development is to strive for progress while maintaining stability and building a company's core competitiveness. The district and street levels will further improve the linkage mechanism for stabilizing the chain, relieving difficulties, and assisting enterprises. The government and enterprises will work together, work together, and work together to provide high-quality services and strong support to enterprises, and jointly add momentum to the sustained and high-quality development of the Yinzhou economy.